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Since everything is available online, it has become very easy to decide a location for your trips and tours even if it is international. In this, we are going to explore a country that is well-known as the sixth wettest place on the earth, Cameroon. Cameroon is the centre of the Africa continent. And when it comes to travel to Africa, Cameroon is one of the most favourite places for tourists to explore nature. Cameroon is surrounded by six boundaries which are found in western Africa. Cameroon’s seafood is one of the attractions for the tourists because of which we get to see a huge crowd in Cameroon.

Tourists from all over the world visit Cameroon and explore the natural beauty. If you want to know some interesting facts about Cameroon, make sure you read till the end.

1. First Country in Africa to Qualify the Quarter-Finals of FIFA World Cup

Soccer which is also called football is a very popular sport in African countries after cricket and rugby. And Cameroon has the biggest craze of football that their international football team ranks among the best football teams. The Cameroonian national team is known as the Indomitable Lions that they get counted among one of the best teams in Soccer. This team made it to the quarter-finals of the FIFA world cup 1999.

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2. Cameroon Has the Longest-Ruling National Leader

In November 1982, Paul Biya was elected as president of Cameroon. Since then, he has not left the chair of the president. In November 2018, the people re-elected him as president so that he will remain for another seven years. The clever move was that he changes the terms of the presidency from four years to seven years and he wins every election.

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3. Cameroon Has Many Rare Plants and Animals

The cross-river gorilla is found in a few of the forests in this country. You may find the world’s rarest great ape in this country. Science was unaware of the ape until the 20th century. In Cameroon, you get to see all the varieties of Flora and Fauna in tropical Africa. This country is home to over 165 species of birds and 409 mammals.

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