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Wedding is the best moment of life. To make it more memorable, pre-wedding photography is now trending and giving you a chance to create a memory before. Been a lucrative business, it has potentials of making a profit as well as comes with some challenges. A few challenges like a location, choosing the right angles and breaking the ice for the new couples. I Anup, specialized pre-wedding photographer in Pune, share with you a few tips to ace your pre-wedding photography.
Here are 10 Pre-wedding photography tips to Ace photoshoot helping you smooth the process and create the striking shoot.
1. Use of Longer lens: Use of long lens will be more beneficial as it will create flattering shots compared to the normal ones. To ensure you get the beautiful images and make the beautiful background blur, long lens are helpful. With these lenses, the couple need not have to stand in front of a camera to give romantic closeup shots. In short, it will be difficult for a couple to give natural pose if they stand very close to the camera, on the contrary, distance can help them to ease and as a photographer, you can click the best shots
2. Burst Mode: Shooting in this mode, helps you to get some nice unexpected shots between the couple and the scenes that turned out can be the best moments Ė Real and natural. The tricky part is to break the ice in couple for giving the pose. Later, the couple will loosen up and start acting naturally, Grab this golden opportunity to get the best shots
3. Shutter Speed: When shooting in burst mode, be careful with motion blurriness. To avoid this blunder, manually set your shutter speed. The longer the lens, the more you need to increase the shutter speed
4. Know your couple: It is always to talk to the couple beforehand and know what exactly their requirement about the Pre-wedding shoot is. For example, a couple wants to go for the simple, natural shoot or might love to have the glamorous shots. It will good if you dig deeper into their stories, personalities and suggest them accordingly
5. Locations: this is can be a tricky one. Finding the location can be at times confusion. Therefore, it is suggested to make a list of locations and start scouting it for the session. It is also recommended to keep in mind the couple's personalities while finalizing the location
6. Catch the images with a flattering angle: As a photographer, you need to know the flattering angle and ensure to use them perfectly. Use the angles complementing the couple features and can click in many more angles. Set your camera slightly above the subjectís eye level which will enhance their facial expression.
7. Use of backlights: Ensure to use the backlights to create dramatic effects. The photograph needs to practice to master the using backlight to get the perfect shots. If you want to create dramatic clicks, then ensure to use the backlight especially for pre-wedding photography.
8. Use off-camera flash: When necessary ensure to use the off-camera flash. When the light behind your subject too strong
9. Strike a balance between the candid and posed shots: posted images are good and raw, yet the candid shots are cream on the cake. These clicks are usually taken when the couples are unaware. In the end, you have a balance between the elegantly posed clicks and natural images.
10. Create a story with the photos: Now it is time to create the imaginary story with the photos. Here you can come up with the journey as a couple, recreating best and favourite moments, diving into their imagination, or capturing something spoken in a simple manner
When you are done with photos and clicks, it is time to give these beautiful memories in a package. Donít underestimate the power of beautiful packaging! When it comes to delivering the work, it should be done in the right manner. Ensure to deliver your work in simple and beautiful packaging.
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