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Ever thought about Interior Makeover? We are Maruthi Interiors Comp up with crazy makeover for
living room and dining room. We are leading Interior designers in Hyderabad. Without any late let’s get
into Topic
Renovating a home is exciting, but it can be just as overwhelming. A dining and living room renovation
can be tricky, especially when removing walls and changing the entire layout. That's why a recent
customer turned to Maruthi Interiors for help. Good thing they did, as their renovated traditional dining
and living room is exquisite. Take a look at the transformation below.

After a first reconstruction, the client's house was ready for an overhaul of the interior decoration.
Redesigning a large space can certainly be tricky, but with discerning eyes, design issues are always
solved. The designer had to overcome the following challenges:
• Reconfigure the entire main floor, which contained a family room, a dining room, and an inconvenient
• Make the area bright and luminous despite the lack of natural light.
• Incorporate timeless and glamorous traditional furniture.
The inspiration: traditional house style
Interiors with a touch of French decor filled the collection with customer inspiration. A traditional
sophisticated and livable interior design shines through. Not only do these homes have luxurious
furnishings and fabrics in common, but they also feature ornate ceilings. Using the visual customer
guide, designers were able to create concepts that cover all of the customer's requirements.
Confused about where to start with your traditional dining and living room makeover? Register your
free interior design consultation to discover more about your interior plan options now!
The traditional design of the dining room and living room
Initially, the client was given two concepts, each in the traditional home-style he likes. However, they
decided to reconfigure his house with the expertise of the architect first. Due to their generous interior
makeover budget, they could change the structure of the ground floor and open up the awkward layout.
Once the client was ready to furnish the interior of her home, interior designer Maruthi's proposal for a
traditional dining and living room restoration ticked all the boxes.
They chose a light color scheme to brighten up the once dark design of the living room and dining room.
To bring even more light into the room, the designer proposed white, beige, and metallic furniture. The
white and metallic surfaces reflect the light, multiplying the effect. These include white seating, offset by
navy-colored accent chairs, curtains, and cushions. Keeping in mind the client's love for the intricate
design, also included inspired dining chairs, a detailed coffee table, and a curved bench



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