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Premium Hosting

Fast, reliable hosting with customer service to match.

Are you fed up of being kept on hold by your hosting company? Speak to us today to find out how we can help you- 0203 7330 763

What do you get with premium hosting?

Humans and not an automated phone system
We understand that in business time is money so we make it a priority to answer a call with an actual person and not a frustrating automated phone system.

Super Fast Websites
Having a sever in the UK means that your website will load almost twice as fast as the cheaper U.S based alternatives

Dedicated Server
Our premium hosting service will be on our dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting your website will not be impacted by other websites. You can host numerous websites and resource heavy web apps without anyone holding you back.

You will have the highest level of website security on our dedicated server. You won’t have to worry about other websites that might have viruses or spammers.

Managed around the clock
At our secured data centre, we perform regular maintenance 24/7 365 days a year to ensure that your website is well protected.

Why Choose Premium Hosting
• You don’t need your own dedicated server or admin team which means you will save money
• Hassle free as we do all the technical bits so you can carry on working
• Server is consistently maintained saving you time
• When your business grows you can upgrade with one simple phone call
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