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oDesk is a great global online work platform, specially for those, who love to make online money from their home. You can easily make your profile and earn lots.
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What is oDesk?
How to make money online from oDesk?
Advantage of oDesk in working field

What Is ODesk?

oDesk is a website which provide a wonderful platform for work online and can make money online. This platform’s spatially is find freelancer and freelance job and it’s also the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work.

oDesk founded in 2003 in California & founder is “Stratis Karamanlakis”, ” Odysseas Tsatalos” who provided us such a great platform to make money online. To get more details you can click here.
How to make money online from oDesk?

If you have enough skills in IT field or you are pursuing your graduation from IT and you want to make money from online from home, oDesk is right place to do this. There are lots of freelancer offers their project with some or large paid (depend on your work experience). You can do part time or full time as well depend on you. Most of students starts oDesk for some pocket money but after some weeks or some months I found that they are doing this as their profession. So what are you waiting for let’s start over here and make money online. You have to just make your profile and fill some required field.

To make your profile on oDesk you have to fill just required field in oDesk site but points is what or how to fill this field that attract freelancer and without any trouble you can get your first online work and make online money, trust me it will definitely work for you.

Define your title
Define your tags
Write a clear description
Take relevant tests
Do 7-10 small assignments
Create a portfolio
Go for larger jobs

To know deep, how to make freelancer friendly profile, click here

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Advantage of oDesk in working field?

It’s my personal experience, I started oDesk behalf of some knowledge about S.E.O, I took relevant test and my score was “1.90 out of “5.00” and passing marks “2.3”. Even I could not pass that test but during test I noticed one thing there was lots of question which was totally new for me. Consequently I remind that questions and searched their answer on google and proper details about that as well. So you all guys also can take relevant test and check your ability or skills. There are also Software certificates are available you can grab that. you can point this certificates in your resume.
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