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We Got Nothing

A concept that stems from Kurt Vonnegut’s insightful quote - “Everything is nothing, with a twist.” When one has nothing, one is open to everything.

WeGotNothing is made up of expressive and ambitious people who do not let expertise and language become a barrier. We believe everyone can teach someone something even if they have nothing. We support ourselves, and our contributes with a space where they can create uninterrupted and infinite content. is a website that believes that everything can be read and written about. We provide content on all sorts of topics that we can lay our hands on; How to, Lifestyle, travel, tech, Media, Slice of life and a lot more. Whenever we find something worth writing about, no matter how small or big it is, we put it up. We are not experts and we do not what to be. We simply want to keep learning and sharing what we learn along the way.

As such, we also know that to keep learning, we have to find like-minded contributors to help us explore horizons even further. Hence, we invite anyone who wants to write about, talk about, ask about or read about something to come to WeGotNothing and enlighten us all one bit at a time.

You can write about whatever you want! Send us a poem, a story, some Know How, videos, anything under the sky that you want to share and we will let the world know about it. aims to become a powerhouse of à la carte content submitted by us as well as our contributors from around the world. We look at ourselves as a journal for the world. So if you are someone who what’s to share their knowledge and experience with the internet community, come to us. We are waiting to get from nothing to EVERYTHING.
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