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Who are we?

Formerly known as Neela Systems Limited, Praj Hipurity isknown for itís pioneering efforts in the domain of providing integrated solutions Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage industries for over two decades. Primarily focused on optimizing the value of the initial investment in the business, Praj Hipurity provides water treatment solutions & modular systems, wastewater treatment solutions and process engineering as well as design capability to ensure superior level of service for all itís customers. Having served customers across the globe, Praj Hipurity has more than 500 references till date and continues to earn more.

Helping build a better tomorrow!

Being a knowledge based company, Praj Hipurity has invested paramount efforts in understanding the requirements across diverse industries and accordingly developed processes with high efficiency in order to help them steer the business towards growth. At Praj, our water treatment processes are focused on helping businesses optimize the use of resource in an efficient manner ensuring that they are able to contribute towards the promise of building a brighter as well as greener tomorrow for the future generations.

Customized solutions

Every business is different and so are itís requirements. We understand this and accordingly develop customized solutions. However, even the customized solutions come with a standardized design. This in turn empowers the business owner to save a huge amount of time on construction as well as installation.

Saving water

Water is a precious source and also a key ingredient responsible for propelling a lot of industrial processes. However, not many businesses are empowered to optimize the use of this resource. With the Praj Hipurity Water treatment process, this situation can be reversed. Be it water for injections or water for pharma machinery, through our zero discharge process you can fulfil the requirements of your business and optimize the use of the resource as well. This treatment is most suited for operating bioreactors, complex machinery and a lot more. Our solvent recovery process is the turnkey addition to your project that can help in amplifying the returns from your business.

Adding expertise

When you hire the services of Praj Hipurity, we bring a new level of expertise as well as experience to the board. From innovative ideas to better implementations, we work as an extended part of the core team in order to get better results. Currently, we have the expertise, technology & facility to design the most effective biomethanation, water recycle system, water reuse options and zero liquid discharge process as per the clientís unique requirements, no matter in which part of the world!.

Industries we serve!

Praj Hipurity has established itís clientele across the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare sector, cosmetic industry and even biotechnology. With more than 30 years of experience coming from its association to Praj Group, Praj Hipurity is emerging as a leader of the pack providing ideas that are capable of changing the shape of the future.
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