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Unity in Diversity is the slogan of India and has a unique culture which has maintained continuity for thousands of years while adapting itself to ongoing changes at the same time. It is the duty of every Indian to preserve, promote and conserve our cultural heritage and all forms of art and culture. Indian culture has many colors. It includes social and intellectual aspects of any human being. It also takes into account of the aesthetic instinct as well as the spiritual impulses of human being. It has also, in effect, an appeal to the subconscious as a force for the formation of the character.

Unity in Diversity of India

We see people around us speaking different languages, having different religions and practicing different rituals. You can also see the diversities in their dress patterns and food habits. As well as, look at their innumerable forms of music and dance in India. But within all these diversities there is an underlying unity which acts as a cementing force. The intermixing of people has been continuing in India over centuries. A number of people of different ethnic backgrounds, racial stock, and religious beliefs have settled down in India for unity in diversity.
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