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Travel Like A Princess caters to the growing audience of women travelers who want to feel like princesses in the midst of the travel hassles,and for boomer queens, who are now graced with the time and, hopefully, funds to take their dream trips but may be inexperienced. The blog promotes the notion that with carefully selected products and a few proven tips, along with some good humor and a “you deserve it” mentality, travel can be more enjoyable. The author is a true “Travel Princess”–a professional woman and former business owner who has traveled over 2 million miles. Now in her 60’s, with a bit of tarnish on her crown, chronic back problems, and grandkids who believe she is royalty, the Travel Princess tries to take a proactive, positive approach. Suggestions provided are NOT dependent on spending a queen’s ransom, but rather, knowing that even without a tiara for a crown or a cape for a mantel, women can make small adjustments to feel “royal” when traveling.
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