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K-Swiss Sportswear Brand
By origin, K-Swiss is a well-known American company. It was taken over by a Korean firm named E-Land in the year 2013 of January. The agreement was valuated at $170 million and K-Swiss was formed under a new managing team. It was established in the year 1966 by 2 Swiss brothers who were entrepreneurs who had decided to move to California to attain their dreams of starting their very own footwear company. The two brothers took motivation from ski boots that are made of leather to create their very first leather tennis shoes. This is how they started and they remain as one of the most substantial sneakers of all time, winning awards for success and brilliance over 50 years of their existence.
This sportswear brand was known for their white sneakers which is a vital part of the Tennis scene in America. They also have an advertising campaign with the help of Anna Kournikova who is a tennis superstar. K-Swiss successfully motorized professional tennis players of the world to main championships. But, the renowned tennis shoes have become the style icon of the present generation. Tennis shoes are commonly worn in state clubs and they look fashionable on metropolitan streets. In the year 2013, K-Swiss was encountering enormous losses when their sportswear brand was sold out to a Korean Firm.
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