BirdsBeep is a multimedia, multiplatform and secure instant messaging application with plenty of meaningful fe">
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BirdsBeep is a multimedia, multiplatform and secure instant messaging application with plenty of meaningful features. What makes it a useful chat application and how it competes with the likes of Whatsapp and Viber or does it compete at all? This brief article coverage seeks to find the answer. If you are looking for a justified answer for comparison of BirdsBeep vs Whatsapp, BirdsBeep vs Viber and etc; this article partly gives the facts.

A little Intro About BirdsBeep

BirdsBeep is a mobile Chat application actually designed and developed to connect people in a friendly, easy and hassle-free manner. Some of the core features it embodies make it presumably one of the hottest and perhaps the most practical messaging applications available for immediate download and use on mobile phones.

Challenges for BirdsBeep

In this ever evolving app eco system and huge competition specifically in the chatting segment, any new app needs to be extremely innovative in order to outrun the competitors. On the top of that, changing technologies, demand of audiences for better, more practical application are some of the important things developers need to take into account before designing an app. BirdsBeep has all the competition and challenges; but it still managed to make a mark and became so far one of the popular applications because of the features it has.

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BirdsBeep Features

Hide/show chat conversation

User privacy is a great concern when it comes to messaging application. With BirdsBeep's hide/show chat feature, any user literally has all the power to control who see his conversation and automatically adjusts the visibility of chat conversation

Send Random gifts

The virtual random gifting makes the application such a fun to use. The collection of a variety of useful and surprising gifts available on a random basis makes communication with your near and dear ones more interesting

Schedule sending of message

Perhaps one of the hottest features with the application is its ability to schedule of a message. You can set intended timeline when a specific message is to be sent to a specific person and the app will send the message on the proper time in real-time.

Profile Change Alerts

BirdsBeep makes it extremely simple and quick to get notified when the profile picture or status of a contact is changed. You can set in default how many users' profile alerts do you want to get notified for when they change. This way, you know what's happening!

Lock selected conversation with password

When it comes to securing the privacy of communication, the most notable thing to note down is to use a useful app conversation. BirdsBeep lets its paid users lock their selected conversation with password thereby it is seemingly impossible for users other than you to access the necessary conversation.

These are some of the awesome features that make BirdsBeep one of the coolest Instant messaging apps.

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Date Added : 29-5-2017