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Thermal Ribbons / Barcode Printers
Duralabel is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying thermal ribbons. These thermal ribbons are of high quality and are durable. Duralabel thermal ribbon makes it easier than ever to maintain print heads and print quality with no additional supplies. Thermal ribbon is critical in extending life of your printers print head and by choosing correct thermal ribbon it ensures that your barcode labels look great and stay looking great. Duralabel convert thermal ribbon for all popular brands of thermal transfer printer. Thermal ribbons are cost efficient & are manufactured as per requirement of clients. A comprehensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons constantly updated to suit your current and future automatic identification applications and exceed market expectations. Dura label Graphics is expert in manufacturers, exporter and importer of Thermal ribbon, Thermal ribbon India and barcode printer in all over India.

Thermal Ribbon
Duralabel is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying thermal ribbons. These thermal ribbons are of high quality and are durable. Duralabel’s thermal ribbon is one of the best in India. All the ribbons are imported from Japan and converted at our factory with stringent quality inspection. These ribbons are converted considering the end use of final product. The major area we care about is to avoid wrinkling and controlling the tension.

Barcode Printers
Duralabel has a manifold range of barcode printers includes desktop printers, industrial printers. We take bulk orders as per requirement and specification of client & delivered products in specified time. Barcode printer delivers a low purchase price & supports a 300-meter ribbon supply that keeps both daily & lifetime operating cost lower than any competition. Barcode printer can print a wide variety of labels ranging from shopping label to acquiescence & general purpose identification labels or tags. The company has embarked on importing and converting a wide range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons like Wax Ribbons, Wax-Resin Ribbons, and Resin Ribbons. These ribbons are converted in highly advance, climate control converting facility and as per the guidelines mentioned by the regulatory bodies. Thermal Transfer Ribbons find usage in almost all the sectors from Aerospace to Manufacturing, from food processing to textiles, etc.

Wax ribbon thermal ribbon

The wax range is an economical identification solution dedicated for flat head technology. Its main feature is that it can be used on a wide range of label materials and is suitable for both vellum and coated papers. These ribbons as being exceptionally sensitive and densely black. The quality of the back coating gives excellent protection to the print head. Different versions are available to ensure optimum ink transfer at lowest energy.

Wax resin thermal ribbon

The wax-resin ranges are the high quality of its performances and its wide field of applications. This range of ribbons gives excellent results on coated papers and synthetics (PE, PP, PET…). It has good resistance to smudge, is capable of printing barcodes at 90° and has a sharp definition.

Resin thermal ribbon

This product is intended for extremely demanding applications. The resin ribbon range is made up of high technology products that are+ particularly recommended for synthetic label materials (PE, PP, PET).

These high-performance products are highly resistant: resistant to smudge, resistant to high temperature, to solvents and to some detergents. Some are adapted for specific applications.

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