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The First Ever Interactive Video Suite for Business Productivity
Mankind evolved from monkeys to humans. Analytics evolved from information to big data. Graphics evolved from static to animated images. I know it sounds absurd but have you ever thought of videos evolving to something else, something more powerful?

Essentially, itís the age of videos. Right from tips on how to raise a newborn to how to define a strategy for your business to your favorite season of ĎFriendsí; every single thing is available as a video on the internet. Videos have become the fundamental standard of communication. Amidst this video explosion, if there could be a solution that lets us play with all kinds of videos on the web and make them more engaging, it would trigger the evolution of Videos. I am talking of videos that go beyond offering a regular set of options to play, pause, rewind and forward. Videos that are capable of providing skip navigation, informative overlays, and interactions that engage the user; videos that let you search for what you need, videos that help you learn whatís important; Videos that are Interactive! launches a first of its kind Interactive Video Suite that brings a simplified and immersive video experience for Enterprises. Exaltive lets you play with existing videos available on the web and render them in a way that makes them more productive and engaging than the current static, linear videos. Simple design tools and a beautiful interface lets anyone turn video into an interactive experience for micro learning, employee engagement, customer support, sales, training, and more.

Exaltive is driving the future of video for business. It offers free and paid plans for end users and enterprises. Visit and get started with your first Interactive Video today!
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