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Hi there! Welcome to our little site!

We are a husband and wife duo from Manhattan, America! *Waving Hello*. We are parents to three beautiful and gorgeous daughters! Our eldest is 11, our middle one is 4 and we recently had our last little bubba. We know how hard it can be to find the right baby products! That first stroller … the first car seat … the perfect baby bag! All can be a nightmare and take up way too much time and energy!

After trying out various styles of nappy bags we have come to love the convenience of Backpack Diaper Bags! It makes life so much easier when you can have your hands free to look after your munkins easier!

What is the purpose of this blog?

Simply Put: To write the World’s Best Backpack Diaper Bag Reviews

Our main purpose is to help other moms and dads get some clear and to the point information about various backpack diaper bags on the market today. There are so many different diaper bags available which claim to be the best ones, but there are rarely any websites which provide genuine reviews about them and detailed information on the positives and negatives of each bag. Shopping for a backpack diaper bag should be easy, but yet with so many choices and some of them attached to an expensive price tag, it can become pretty overwhelming trying to choose the right one! Plus, there is nothing worse than have a diaper bag that is just practical to use!

We have committed ourselves to being the world’s best source of baby backpack diaper bag comparison information. Here’s how it works:

We spend way to many hours researching and comparing backpack diaper bags.
We select the top baby backpack diaper bags in each category.
We get our hands on our top picks in order to review them properly.
We rank the products, looking at the positive, negatives together with price against value.
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