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Everyone likes essays and articles with zest, joy and persuasion. Concentration on the nature of the essay seldom takes away the writer to another level. Many times, he/she starts ignoring the grammatical mistakes and other necessary foundations. An article is not about heavy words, beautiful synonyms, engaging sentences. A piece is more attractive when it is lacking grammatical mistakes. These issues make your essay bad and also damage your effectiveness and idea. Some writers put words in inappropriate manners also. They use the words of conversation in writing, which is not acceptable. Writing is totally different.

Start with a clear observation. Grammar mistakes are hard to hide and you can see them by writing a demo easily. Take a moment and look at your sentences and their structures.

To avoid mistakes in your Essay writing you must be able to differentiate between the uses of the following words;

I and Me:

It depends on the subject. Choose between them by eliminating the other person from the sentence and using what doesn’t sound stupid.

Your and you’re

Your shows the possession of the other while you’re is the contraction for you are. Mixing of both creates a silly sentence.


It’s is a contraction used for it is. Its connotes to the belongings of someone and is a possessive noun.


It is the most common mistake, which still happens in many articles. When you are giving direction or pointing out to some place then use there. If you are talking about a person or a group, then use their in your sentence.


Affect is used in terms of the verbs, for instance: Your qualification will affect your job hunt indeed. An effect is most commonly taken as a noun.


Number of people makes a tug in apostrophes especially when it comes to plurals. They are there in contractions while also show possessions like you’re, they’re, Sam’s, etc. Always remember that if a thing belongs to one person only then the comma will be placed before (s). In times of a group possession put the apostrophe after (s)


You use well when you are giving details about an action for it. When you are describing a noun, then it is better for you to go for good.


Than is placed for a comparison usually and then is used for guidance.


‘Too’ means more and it is a synonym for also, while ‘to’ is used for direction.
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