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Science has seen a meteoric rise both in its significance and prominence in today's world. At the midst of this rise is India with its innovations and discoveries that are further adding to the prowess of the field. Be it the aeronautical, technological, or the medical sciences, India has always asserted its prominence in this ever growing field. Off late, one can clearly see the surging rise of India as a superpower when it comes to advancements or innovations in the field of medical sciences. From devising new treatments for diseases to bringing out cures for ailments, India has always been at the forefront of medical innovation since the medieval ages.
India has been the home for numerous innovations in the past, which till date are being regarded as one of the finest discoveries in the history of mankind. While the same are mentioned in various Vedas and scriptures, there is an ignorance among people that has enveloped these achievements into the books. Changing this perception in India among the educational institutions is Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences. Established under the aegis of Symbiosis International University in 2011, SSBS has earned a reputation of one of the top biotechnology colleges in India which is pioneering in the fields of healthcare, nutrition & dietetics, biomedical sciences among numerous others.
Scientific research in the past has helped in devising new strategies and innovations, and as an educational institution that specializes in the field of biomedical sciences, SSBS is among the few biomedical science colleges in India that is stressing on research. While research activities like these are responsible for the elimination of diseases like malaria, dengue, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among various others, educational institutions have to be passionate and patient about the same to get the best results. With its state-of-the-art facilities for research and world-class faculty members, students of SSBS are prepared to take up any challenge that is bound to come in the ever growing field of biomedical sciences. With hands-on training, students of the institution are bound to pick up skills which eventually will set new standards in the aforementioned field.
Along the same, the institution also has numerous collaborations with various other biomedical institutions to bring out the best of innovations. Courses like Msc biotechnology and MSc Nutrition and Dietetics from institutions like SSBS are designed to get the best out of the students who wish to excel in the field of biomedical sciences. The institution, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for the students who wish to excel in the world of biomedicine.
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