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Invisalign is a teeth straightening technique similar to braces that is becoming increasingly more popular. The method was introduced back in 2000 and has proven to very effective in addition to having many advantages over traditional braces.

It goes without saying that a perfect set of teeth is very important. It not only helps to create a good first impression, but also increases a personís confidence and self esteem, especially in public. With Invisalign aligners, not only do they do the exact same thing as braces, but they are invisible and can be taken off any time by the user, thus offering a ton of flexibility.

Specifically, the treatment process begins with an oral scan which gives the dentist a good idea about the irregularity of your teeth. Based on this scan, a 3D model of your teeth is generated and a set of Invisalign aligners is developed specifically for your set of teeth. These aligners are made of smooth, comfortable and hard to detect plastic and when worn, will gradually make your irregular teeth shift to the ideal position.

This is a gradual process. The first set of aligners will help you get a better set of teeth than you originally had but it may still be far away from the perfect smile you always wanted. Ideally, you should schedule a visit to your dentist every couple of weeks and get your aligners changed. Based on the severity of your condition you may need several sets of aligners. Each next set of aligners will bring you closer to your perfect set of teeth and youíll be able to notice the difference.

It may feel a little weird initially to use the aligners as you experience the feeling of your teeth being pushed in a certain way, but rest assured that this is how it works and is perfectly normal. It isnít painful as there wonít be a drastic amount of pressure on your teeth and you will get comfortable with the sensation very soon.

The process has proved to be very effective and more dentists are adopting it instead of braces. The fact that they are virtually invisible makes them the preferred choice for the patients as well. However, it must be that the aligners should be worn for as long as possible. Since they are removable, a certain level of discipline and determination will be required for the best results.

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Date Added : 1-2-2016