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For Every woman, jewelleries are the must-have accessories in all occasions. Probably, there are no such women who wish to move out of their home without wearing jewellery. Especially, Religious women of India wear jewellery from top to bottom during their weddings. If you attend marriages in India, you will find women wearing jewelleries to hairs, nose, ears, neck, hands, waist, feet and finger rings (both hands and legs). You will find it interesting to watch as well as wear such ornaments which give ultimate look.
There are several interesting Indian jewelleries that are worn throughout the body, which makes Indians to get good identity as Indian women. You will find women of different state of India looking distinct from each other, as their way of living or their lifestyle differs. Though they too wear jewelleries from top to bottom of their body, the jewelleries they wear looks totally different.

Set of Jewelleries Worn by Indian Brides

Below are the different few types of Indian bridal jewelleries worn on different their body parts.

Hair Jewellery

Hair Jewellery is recognised as “Maroon”, and there are different types of maroons that are worn by women of different caste and religion, yet depends upon the state. Some women wear centre and side maroons, while some women wear single line maroons, which is worn on the centre of the head and making it hang on the forehead. There are even women who wear double line maroons as well. These maroons are not just worn on wedding, but also worn during festivals or any cultural programmes like dances, dramas, etc. Apart from these, there are many other hair jewelleries that are worn to decorate the hairs.

Neck Jewellery

It is commonly known that, neck jewellery is nothing but the necklace. You will find different types of ethnic and classic styles of necklaces that are worn by Indian brides, celebrities, cultural dance performers like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, and some other forms of Indian Classical dances. However, these necklaces are the perfect bridal sets which are perfect for brides of all cases.

Nose and Ear Jewellery

There are many types of nose and ear jewelleries which are popularly known as nose studs, nose rings, nose pins, nose rings, etc. for nose, and for ears you can find ear stud hoop ear chains, earrings, and so on. For both nose and ears, you will be able to find exclusive types of designer jewelleries that come in both pierced and non-pierced forms.

Hand Jewellery

There are many hand jewelleries like Hath Panjas or Hand Motifs, Hand Chains, and others which are decorated on back side of the palms from the wrists during weddings. While the most commonly worn hand jewelleries are the set of Bangles which are must-wear essentials along with finger rings, and should even match to the necklaces and earrings that you wear.

Waist Jewellery

These types of waist jewelleries called “Hand Cuffs or Hand Anklets” are worn only by the brides and not by the normal women. Without which, a bride seems to be incomplete. Even you can find bride wearing feet jewellery known as “Feet Anklets”.
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