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The Symbiosis Centre For Management & Human Resource Development is regarded as one of the best B schools of the country. Offering a curriculum consisting of basic subjects as well as advanced areas of specialization, getting yourself admitted to the programs being conducted at SCMHRD are your best bet when you want to boost the growth of your career graph. The full time mba hr management is the flagship program of the institute. Having acquired the expertise by studying the multiple facets of industry, the programs being conducted at SCMHRD are developed with a vision of helping students acquired the much needed professional expertise that helps them become skilled workers willing to address the challenges of the corporate world.

The growing importance!

SCMHRD’s residential MBA program focuses on equipping students with the required skillset that helps them become better managers. From working as a team to being the team leader, this program is the complete assistance module that helps students evolving into better professionals. Additionally, the industry is in need of such professionals. This is because growth is happening and industry needs capable individuals to take up responsibilities and deliver equally well.

Holistic training module

A lot of MBA colleges restrict their studies to classroom teaching. But, classroom teaching is not sufficient especially when you want students to be abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Therefore, it is important to give students a chance to work amidst the professionals of the industry in order to understand the situation in a better way. From industry training through live projects to research programs that compel students to explore, the SCMHRD training module takes care of every detail. Thanks to this holistic training, students learn better as well as faster.

Placement assistance as well

When you enrol yourself for an MBA program, the biggest concern is the placement opportunity that you are expected to get at the end. Yes! Pursuing post-graduation without the assurance of a job is a risk. We are not asking you to insist on assurance but you need to be assured that you will get assistance and this is where SCMHRD differs. On completion of the program, SCMHRD gives you the required assistance to avail placement opportunities. There is a team dedicated to securing the opportunities and making it available to the students. Also, the association to the prestigious league of Symbiosis colleges helps in entering the industry more easily.

Symbiosis tag

Pursuing a program at SCMHRD ensures that you get the Symbiosis tag added to your resume. This automatically makes you eligible for well-paying opportunities as the industry looks at Symbiosis as a reputed institution constantly struggling to build a credible talent pool that propagates the growth of the country. In simple terms, when recruiters see a degree from Symbiosis, you are automatically placed several notches above your competitors. This is because, Symbiosis is a name associated with holistic training across diverse domains.

So, your chance to build a rewarding career in the domain of Human Resource Management awaits you at SCMHRD today, Rush to register yourself for admissions today!
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