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Falling out of a relationship is nothing to be ashamed of. We all had dated the wrong person at some point of our romantic lives. It happens. But the confusion is sometimes we get stuck in a relationship and canít decide whether to leave it or to simply continue with it. Since there is no giant red flag to warn us, we generally hope that things might work out and situations might turn better. Thus to clear out such perplexity, we have concluded around five points which will provide you an obvious picture of the signs that you are actually in a wrong relationship, dating a wrong person.

You No Longer Feel Comfortable:
Though the initial days might take a bit of time in knowing each other, as the relationship moves forwards and becomes serious, you should develop a degree of comfort with your new partner. You should be at ease to discuss and share your heart out. But instead of this, if you still feel anxious after dating for months together, then you should think twice about this relationship.
Not Having Much In Common:
It is easy to get drawn to someone romantically, especially when we seek love, attention and affection. But this inclination is not enough to bond two individuals for a serious long lasting relationship. If you and your partner have almost nothing in common to share, you are not only going to face endless stress in the future but also experience a tough phase connecting. It will be really difficult to spend life with someone who does not understand your jokes, your passion or why you love doing certain things in certain manner. This is a pure indication of you being in a wrong relationship.
When S/He Plays The Blame Game:
We all love to amuse and pamper our loved ones but that does not mean that s/he will be emotionally depended on you. If you partner has a notion that, it is your part of the job to keep them always happy and cheerful or blames all their bad moods on what you did or didnít do, then it is time that you think hard where your relationship is heading to. If you donít take decision now and hope that things will get better one day, then believe me you will rather get stuck in a controlling relationship.
You Canít Decide How To Make Time For Him/her:
None of us can stay for long without meeting the person whom we love. In spite of us being so busy, we all wait eagerly to get together with that person with whom we are romantically involved. This is so because their presence makes us happy or allows us to be in our selves. But instead, making time for your partner seems like a burden to you, then you have to reconsider your relationship.
Your Relationship Does Not Make Your Happy:
Last but not least, if you are in a relationship with someone, that bonding should boost your personality. I agree that we all have fights but that does not mean that we will hate each other for life long. But ultimately when we cool down, we are thankful that they are still a part of our lives. But, if this is not your situation, and you tend to get irritated or annoyed with anything and everything that your partner tries to do, then it is wise that you take step and move out of the relationship.
So, if being with your partner makes you feel a lot of things, but ďhappyĒ is rarely one of them, itís worth it to really reassess your relationship. Donít be sad that your relationship did not work out. This is not the end. Attend Speed Dating in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC or DMV and allow Cupid to strike you once again!!
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