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Adventures in sailing and solitude from storyteller, sailor and nomad Dennison Berwick aboard his 32-foot bluewater sailboat "Kuan Yin".

Adventure's been in my blood since I was a small boy living on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, in Yorkshire, England. I�ve hitched-hiked alone from Cape Town to Cairo, walked 2000 miles beside India's sacred river Ganges and travelled extensively in the Amazon in my own canoe and lived with Yanomami Indians. I�ve written three books about the Ganges, Amazon and Yanomami Indians.

This summer (2010) I�ll be sailing in my 32-foot steel sailboat �Kuan Yin� on a 3000-mile voyage around the Labrador Peninsula in northeastern Canada. The project is to retrace the remarkable adventure in 1811 of an Inuit (Eskimo) sea captain and his family and two missionaries who sailed into Ungava Bay to meet Inuit who�d never before seen Europeans. The voyage promises to be both very challenging and fascinating. I�ll be posting regular photos and updates to my blog, so please sign up if you want to see what this immense wilderness looks like and meet some of the people living there.

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