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One Stop Education Hub | Achieve | Study World College of Engineering
Study World provides its students the best in life, by guiding students
in right direction through continuous counseling and arranging for
campus recruitments. In today’s competitive world, a proactive learning
style and infinite capability for innovation form the cornerstone of successful organizations.
We, at Study World College Of Engineering offer quality education blended with life skills and
leadership qualities so as to help the students harness their true potential....
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Taboos, Tools, Techniques in Hair History Hair History around the World
Hair has always been a hot topic in societies around the world. For as long as humans have been in existence, they have been on a search for methods to remove their hair. Read more here. ...
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National Dish of India - Khichdi Make into Guinness World Record
While people debate and discuss if it’s fair to name Khichdi a National Dish, it has made a Guinness World Record on World Food Day 2017 and Akshaya Patra is part of it....
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The Vexing World
Eclectic blog about all and any interesting topics....
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Google Cloud Speech | Technology | Study World College of Engineering
Google is on its way to expand speech recognition capabilities to support dozens of new languages, especially in India and Africa.

Interesting, right? Internet users will have the ability to surf the web just with a voice to see the search results of Google.
Similarly, users can type via voice with the help of Google’s keyboard App – Gboard.

Google had included 30 more languages additionally, bringing the grand total of supported dialects to a whopping 119.
The update...
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Overseas Education | Interest | Study World College of Engineering
An Investment in Knowledge always pays you the best interest. Our “2+2 Engineering Programme” is a great opportunity to study and work abroad.
Get Ready For An International Workplace....
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IoT | Internet of Things | Study World College of Engineering
A lot of great things happening in the IoT environment, especially mobile payments and the creation and implementation of smart devices. In spite of the existence of millions of active, credit and debit cards, mobile payment options are assumed to influence the market in the near future. You would be able to pay with information stored on your smartphone or with PayPal, Venmo payments apps....
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On Demand App Development – How it is Revolutionizing The App World
The On Demand app development is increasing day by day, thanks to the on demand applications where people sitting back at their homes can get a ride, food, package delivery, or even a soothing massage....
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aviation world
Aviation is the practical aspect or art of aeronautics,being the design ,development,production,
operation and use of aircraft.The word :AVIATION" was coined by french writer and former naval officer"Gabriel La Landelle" in 1863.from the verb aveir(synonymous flying),itself from the derived from the latin word avis(bird) and the suffix-ation.
It is vast feild and highly economic industry having history so old.Aviation supports both security of the nation as well as for commercial purpos...
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LaLa World Bounty Program Translation Bounty
Hello people! We introduced you all to LALA World’s Bounty Campaign in the previous blog. As promised, here we are to talk more about the campaign. LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow money, etc. if you want more infomations visit LaLa world Blog.
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