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Gab With the Gurus Blog
The Gab With the Gurus Blog gives you tantalizing tidbits, enticing sound bites and updates about celebrities, bestselling authors and renowned experts, who are guests on the Gab With The Gurus Radio Show ( on Blog Talk Radio. Guests are gurus in health, fitness, social networking, relationships and the Law of Attraction. The show is hosted by Connie Bennett, journalist, certified health counselor, life coach, speaker and author of SUGAR SHOCK!
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Social Networking is a part of our everyday lives, but where can kids go when they want take part?
Vikido is a social sharing platform, designed for the web and mobile, that brings the entire family together in a fun, safe way. We are writing about technology, about photography and about the most important thing - our kids...
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social networking community
Agriya, a web development company, offers world class scripts for developing community site, video sharing site, knowledge sharing site, social networking site and social bookmarking site, and services like web development, web designing, open source customization, SEO, enterprise solution, technical writing and flash development. Other hot products at its store are FLV player, smarterscripts, quickcam, HD player and Ocarda....
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Networking Newbie - Learn networking and cisco
Blog dedicated for networking and cisco, covers about home networking, cabling, cisco, ccna, etc. Easy to understand for newbies and non-techies yet valuable for professionals....
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Local Bargain and Good Deals at WWhow
Post your bargain products, garage sale, good deals online. Every cent counts, from daily stuff like bargain-priced sale on milk, denims, or shoes to gems exposed at a garage sale....
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Viva Visibility
Great Twitter, Facebook, and social networking tips for entrepreneurs. Emphasis is on highly effective, time saving techniques anyone can put into place....
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SEFEI: Charlotte NC Marketing & Local Networking
In many small businesses, there is not always enough funding to hire public relations specialists. That is why so many organizations provide outside consulting services. There are also great online resource like Sefei that help businesses network....
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Praj: Working for a better tomorrow!
In the rat race for development, industries have invented processes and techniques but coolly forgotten about the need to give back to the society. The sources that an industry consumes are all non-renewable. This makes it difficult for mankind to live up to the promise of providing a better future to the next generation. However, amidst this crowd of selfish companies that are struggling to earn more money, there are a few do-gooders who are willing to walk the extra mile just because it can he...
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Providing Solutions Better than Best
Skylite Communication is founded in 1994 Milpitas, CA, USA. We are offering services in technology, communication equipment and video distribution.We Bring Robust Applications To Your Door Steps.Skylite Institute offers variety of computer courses with quality professional environment under qualified teachers for bright future of students....
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Update new on statutory bank branch audit 2015 At Casansaar Win Gifts Score On Scoreboard,By Posting,Searching News For CA,CS,CMA On Income Tax,Empanelment,ITR,TDS,Chart,Gst,Auditing,Cpt,Judiciary....
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