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AlarTTex - partner blog with direct link
Everything on textile art, crewel, blackwork, embroidery, neelde painting, thread painting, crochet, Irish crochet, orvieto, cross stitch...
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The Case for First Aid
Recently, I have had numerous General Contractors, subtrades and even home owners ask me this question: Why do we need first aid coverage? This is unheard of in residential construction!

If you picked up the phone and asked Worksafe BC this question, they would give you a legal requirement for first aid coverage. They would talk to you about all employer’s legal mandate to complete a first aid assessment. They would point you to the Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines to Fir...
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News and informations about Tworki....
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A Red Dog in the Red Rocks
The true life adventures of a truly red dog in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona, USA.
I am a 6-year-old, red-haired Golden Retriever/Irish Setter. I found my mum in the dreamtime and she came and got me from the Humane Society. My mum is a massage therapist, and one of my jobs is helping her with the healing work. I'm the official meeter and greeter when the clients come, plus, (a big bonus!) I get to relieve them of any treats or cookies they bring with them. I also have some import...
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Online Scouting Network Blog
Online Scouting Network is the best source for collegiate athletic scholarship services for high school athletes that want to attend college on an athletic scholarship or grant....
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Sarah's Pilates Cafe
Welcome to the Pilates Cafe!! This is a centre where both instructors and students can meet, learn about the Pilates technique and share information to improve the workout and ultimately maximize the benefits associated with consistent Pilates training....
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Artworks of Ridhuan Othman - partner blog with direct link
A blog displaying collection of artworks by Ridhuan Othman....
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Pinoy Working Abroad - partner blog with direct link
Pinoy working abroad, OFW, Pinoy abroad...
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Two Cent's Worth
Interesting art works. . . from the obscure to the renowned. . . in appreciation of mankind's collective genius. . ....
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Fitspott - A Social Networking Platform For Health and Fitness
Fitspott is a result of a passing conversation between 2 colleagues regarding the popularity of social networks. We discussed how the most popular social networks are reaching a critical mass which would result in the emergence of much more targeted social networks. This passing conversation has quickly become a well formed snowball that is gaining size and momentum with every turn.
The Fitspott team is made up of a group of highly motivated and diverse entrepeneurs, athletes and creative ...
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