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Trendy Short Haircuts for Woman
Hairstyling trends are important in order to look stylish at all times. Nevertheless, trends are fleeting and it is best to choose a hairstyle which complements your features than to choose a hairstyle based solely on the latest trends. Our website can help you choose a popular haircut which will flatter your best features....
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Biker Goddess - partner blog with direct link
Blog written by a woman biker for other women bikers with articles, commentary, stories, reviews and photography. Will appeal to all bikers with an interest in the female perspective of the biker culture as a rider. Any type bike, and those who ride physically or in spirit....
Blog Detail > Category: Motorcicles > Hits: 2695 > Date Added: 6-10-2010
The Crazy Cat Woman
The musings of a crazy cat woman. how many cats does it take to make you crazy...
Blog Detail > Category: Animals > Hits: 1704 > Date Added: 29-6-2007
why I wake up every day - partner blog with direct link
I am the very strange combination between a magic fairy and a selfish bitch.
My ceaseless concern is to eventually discover what chance do I have to become an ordinary woman....
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Nisha- thoughts of a woman - partner blog with direct link
This blog covers topics related to health and fitness, fashion and beauty to parenting and homemaking, business and technology, from entertainment to daily news! Hope you enjoy the stay on the blog as much i enjoy writing :)
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Blog of Woman in Menopause
Anti-aging is really a subject of concern of all women. The blog contains info about women menopausal age. It's quite easy to overcome menopause period with grace....
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Taino Woman Comes Dancing - partner blog with direct link
Thoughts and experiences of a Taino woman, a Caribbean Indigenous person, in the 21st century. What does being Native American mean? How to find validation when even history has denied our existence? How to build community amid so much chaos? How to heal intergenerational trauma?

I dance through life with these questions, and many more, in mind......
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A Woman's Castle
A woman's home is her castle. Musings about life and the pursuit of spiritual, emotional and physical replenishment from my little castle. Topics are personal and encompass everything from movies, how to make a vision board, how to make more time for yourself, etc. ...
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GoodManGoodWoman Online Dating and Personals Services
GoodManGoodWoman is an online dating site, matchmaker and relationship service to meet singles. Get the best in online dating reviews and more....
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international woman
The Non-Conventional Guide to Traveling, Living and working Internationally!...
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