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Get Up and Get Moving
I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 yrs ago.
I have dropped a total of 83 pounds now. Since my diagnoses my passion has been to get the word out about being active and eating right.
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Diets & Weight Loss
Weight loss by 3 week diet plan
People generally face lots of health problems like overweight, obese, laziness, body pain, idle, unmotivated, etc. A person with healthy body feels more happy from the mind however a person with overweight or unhealthy body always feel bad and look sad. A healthy and fit person develops lots of self confidence; always stays very energetic and active. It can be achieved by the 3 week diet plan that results in great weight loss. Visit the link to know more
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Why most things you know about nutrition and weight loss are plain wrong!

Nutrition and weight loss - You may have prescribed to various diets plans to lose weight fast, or another “best weight loss diet” or a “quick weight loss” scheme etc. But if you are reading this article, chances are that you have figured out by now, that those are nothing more than “quick” marketing schemes and whether you lost weight or not, you certainly lost your money. It is estimated that the global weight...
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