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Adityendra Solanki Photography
Rajasthan based professional photographer and wedding photojournalist supplying freelance professional photography services. Specializing in wedding photojournalism and documentary wedding photography, commercial and lifestyle photography, location, event and portrait photography throughout the India and internationally.
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Cake Walk- The Tradition! Where and How it all started
Most couples would feel that a wedding is not a wedding without a cake. Brides as we know it mostly invest a lot of time finding the perfect one for the special day. But let’s just take a trip down memory lane and figure out where it all began....
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Bali Lovely Wedding
Bali Lovely Wedding is a wedding blog that provide you information about wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding concept or to find the best wedding venues in Bali....
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Sherwanis Will Return Even Better For 2016
Wedding Sherwanis 2016

In 2015, Bandhgalas, Ackhans and waistcoats dominated the Asian wedding scene, Sherwanis will once again be the apparel of choice for the groom to be for the upcoming year. The shorter and sharper versions of the traditional Sherwanis are starting to be picked up by many people around the world as we will go into depth for this article of what 2016 will be like for Sherwanis.
What to expect

With options now to sport it in shorter length, with a Patial...
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Top tips to look glamorous at wedding and reception functions
Here we offer you some tips to look charming and glamorous in wedding functions. In India wedding ceremony take up to 3 days with different functions like engagement, mehndi function, Sangeet sandhya ceremony, marriage and reception. For mehndi ceremony you can select charming color dresses like anarkali dress, embroidered work salwar kameez, churidar suits which is made from cotton fabrics. Churidar suits are good selection of major Indian women in Mehndi rasam so you have to select best bright...
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Top 3 Special Occasions To Wear a Sherwani
Most likely, men are bound to know when to wear a Sherwani for a special occasion however, there are some people that would like to know what type of special occasions you would wear this Indo-western suit. So, we will list the top five types of occasions where you may want to celebrate in style with a nice Sherwani so let's jump in...

Wedding Sherwani
Whether you're the host or attending a wedding, a Sherwani fulfills the job for weddings as that is what they are usually designed f...
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Accessories for Gorgeous Indian Brides
After haven taken care of the most important wedding decisions- choosing your wedding accessories should be the next thing on your wedding checklist. Indian women are beautiful and make gorgeous brides, but you can’t achieve this without the best Indian wedding accessories to accomplish your outfit...
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Weddings Compass Blog
Weddings Compass is a specially dedicated blog for wedding planning and decoration. To decide on hiring a suitable florist for your wedding day, or exploring your options on choosing the fitting centerpieces for your reception, Weddings Compass has you covered....
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Cool rock songs to play at your Wedding
Profound in their contexts and heartwarming in their audible presence, rock songs about love can be amongst the best things to happen at your wedding. We’ve taken the pains to find for you five of the best rock ballads that can be played at your wedding – keep on ‘marrying’ in the free world...
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10 Things Your Best Friend Expects From You On Her Wedding
Your best friend’s wedding is like a dream to you. When your best friend is counting down the days to her wedding, you are thinking about the things you are going to do at her wedding. ...
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