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Praj HiPurity: Adding value to your business!
HiPurity Solutions is a niche domain where the focus is on providing purified water that is crucial to the successful completion of several industrial processes. The important thing to remember is that water is a precious source. Even though 70% of earth is surrounded by water, not all of this water can be used to accomplish industrial processes. In fact, a very small percentage of water is actually eligible for industrial usage. This crucial fact teaches us one thing that water is precious and ...
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Biowiz: The Innovative Option By Praj HiPurity Systems
Praj HiPurity is one of the top notch firms of the country that specialises in understanding technology and accordingly developing processes that suit the dynamic demands of the industry. Continue its pursuit of innovation and the undying desire to achieve excellence in implementing hi-tech processes, Praj HiPurity has established several milestones. Currently, the research and development division of Praj HiPurity holds more than 11 patents that establish its expertise across diverse processes....
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Industrial Water Hardness Remover Solutions
SkyMech Engineers Pvt Ltd Jaipur India offers best solution for Scale Free Water Solution for Hotels and industries
SkyMech Engineers Pvt Ltd Jaipur India offers best solution for Hard water treatment
SkyMech Engineers Pvt Ltd Jaipur India offers best solution for Magnetic Catalytic Water Treatment and Industrial Water Hardness Remover Solutions
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Water Pouch Packing Machine
Since its inception in 1990, NEW TECH INDUSTRIES is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Packaging Machinery. We have been manufacturing a qualitative range of products. Our packaging machines come under four broad categories Fully Automatic VFFS Pouch Filling Machines, Fully Automatic High Speed VFFS Multi Track Machine, Pouch-in-Pouch and Flow Wrap Machines. These machines cater to the need of various industries such as food processing, cosmetic, and soap& detergent packaging...
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Waterloo Massage Chiropractor
Waterloo Spine and Sports is one of the finest Waterloo chiropractors in Australia. It has undoubtedly become a boon to the patient of musculoskeletal disorders....
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Mineral Water Plant | Mineral Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer | Supplier
We are the prime manufacturer and supplier of the highly efficient Mineral Water Plant, Mineral Water Treatment Plant and are one of its chief exporters in India. Providing the global quality and standard Mineral Water Plant....
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Water heater leaking from top
Find out whether the water heater leaking from top or the bottom or somewhere in the side....
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Wallbarn Samson Blog
Wallbarn specialises in the manufacture and supply of top quality materials for use in waterproofing, structural engineering, flat roof finishes, soil stabilisation and filtration. ...
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Organica Biotech
Organica biotech is a leading manufacturer of advanced biological inputs for waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, soil remediation, septic tanks, oil degradation, lake bio-remediation and solid waste composting....
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Praj HiPurity: Pioneering The Development Of Wastewater Solutions
Water is a crucial commodity for all types of industrial uses. From being used as a coolant in pharmaceutical processes to being used as a solvent in the biochemical jobs, there are many uses of water. However, given its record as a precious resource, the need for businesses owners to use this resource sparingly yet efficiently, is important. Formerly known as Neela Water Systems Ltd, Praj HiPurity is the leading provider of end to end solutions for the Bio-pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetics, He...
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