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Watch Movies Online For Free
Watch Movies Online for free on this Website. Watch the latest Hollywood, Bollywood Movies in High Resolution. Watch English, Hindi movies for free....
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KLSE market price
In Bursa KLSE, market price basically a economic price governed via good and services offered in the market place, based on market efficiency, equilibrium and expectations. Market price depends on value either fair or partial. As, Market price condition depends on Equilibrium, Supply and demand & Market clearing. Depend on dealers and KLSE traders for ex: if there are Eight traders wanting to buy a such stock represents a demand. Out of eight our analysis guide 5 buy 100 shares at ringgit 50, 3 ...
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Designing a Real-time Stream Analytics Solution? Here is what you need to watch out for!
Explore the top 5 challenges that you could come across while designing a real-time stream analytics solution...
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Enterprise Data Egress – Who is watching?
Author: Ananda Rao Ladi

Not long ago, the critical digital information moved away from the enterprise in tapes and disks to be stored at an offsite location for backup and archiving. That was the only time when the digital information left the boundaries of the enterprise. Even now, many enterprises follow this practice. The vaults where these tapes and disks are preserved are highly physically secure. This method provides peace of mind when it came to security and privacy of the enterp...
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Amazon Vs Azure : What SMBs need to watchout for?
Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS are two of the top choices when it comes to Infrastructure as a service. This article outline which one to choose for your business, here’s how the two cloud platforms compare, complete with a side-by-side feature & services comparison....
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Vampire Diaries Season 7, Why Watch?
We all know that “The Vampire Diaries” is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series. The show is based on a book by L.J. Smith of the same name. It can be seen in The CW channel. Many are in love with the characters of Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and many more. Their villains are really hateable, who would forget how evil Kai is. I’m sure that just mentioning his name will make you curse and blame him of our dear Elena to sleep forever. Why should you continue t...
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What’s new in Apple watchOS2?
The Apple World Wide Developers Conference, 2015 (WWDC) showcased multitudes of updates from the Silicon Valley giant. Apple introduced watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch, which interestingly bagged the status of being the Apple’s most personal device ever made. Let us take a look at all the new and enhanced features individually that have been introduced in Apple watchOS 2.
Watch faces
The watch face has a captivating interface, having an option to be more personalised by using a custom imag...
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Apple Watch Arrives Last Friday: What you don’t want to miss??
To all the Apple lovers tech savvy readers, your wait for the apple watch ended last Friday, April 24, 2015 when Apple Watch was released on the iStores for sale....
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Going To Build Ecommerce Website? Watch Out For These Deadly Mistakes!
Planning to build ecommerce website, get one that inspires and attracts customers. The basic aim for any ecommerce website is to get more visitors, turn them into customers and generate sales.
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