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Studio Voylla the bold new destination for artistic jewelry
Voylla launches a new designer Jewelry Collection Studio Voylla, that have unique & fascinating jewelry designs that attracts every women. The bold new destination for artistic jewelry. We have been creating masterpieces for you and curated the best of our designer collections under one roof....
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Love Letters | review is an online costume jewellery destination which aims at redefining jewellery, with designs which are visually stunning and have a character and also budget friendly at the same time!

They have a huge variety when it comes to jewellery and the pieces are all of high quality. They also have an array of silver jewellery along with costume ones. If you are looking for jewellery, to wear with Indian attires, then Voylla will not disappoint you and the same goes for the time you ...
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Exclusive Designer Karwa Chauth Gifts Collection | Voylla
India is known for its vibrant festivals and its rich culture. All the festivals have a history and a purpose to celebrate. Karwa Chauth is also one of the festivals that is celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm by the married couples. The ladies keep a fast the whole day by not eating or drinking water the whole day. The belief is that the wives ask for their husbands’ long life and therefore, this festival has a romantic connotation as the wives eat only after seeing the moon. The ladies dres...
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Voylla Puts A Spin To Wearable Art With Ajrakh!
Voylla pays a tribute to the age-old tradition craft of Ajrakh that dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilisation. The word is derived from an Arabic word ‘Azrakh’. Traditionally, Ajrak is the name of the fine art of block printing done on a cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background. The craft only uses natural colours (vegetable dyes) for its making. Hues of red, yellow, blue and black are mostly used with symmetrical patterns in the background interspersed with the brillianc...
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Celeb Stylist Shyamli Arora Shares Her Experience With Voylla!
From making actress and dear friend Bipasha Basu the prettiest bride to the whopping success of ‘M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story!’ and styling the star cast of various blockbuster movies in between, Shyamli has come a long, long way! And when it came to styling the new face of Voylla, she won our hearts yet again!
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Voylla launches an affordable jewelry line- NIA!
Designs? Great! Jewelry? Great! Price? Unbelievable! Is this a DREAM? Well, YES and NO!

Yes, because you can now jewel up at drool-worthy prices and wear unique jewelry every day.
No, because it’s a REALITY!
This Diwali, Voylla brings to you stunning jewelry to keep you always in vogue! To all the fashionable deal-hunters, your wait is OVER! Say goodbye to street-side shopping because you can now buy jewelry that doesn’t only have splendid design but also offers unprecedented qu...
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Style Lessons For Durga Puja From Bengali Celebrities
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A Collection Inspired from Royal Wodeyars
Mysore. The city of Palaces. Of magnificent art, architecture, and Jewelry. Of vivid colors and regal gold. Of the opulent and incredibly well maintained Mysore Palace, the seat of the Wodeyar Dynasty. And at the heart of our unique collection. Marvelous Mysore is a stunning line featuring a host of statement rings, earrings, and bangles that take the craft of enameling & embellishing and marry it to finely carved Jewelry that is designed to put you in the spotlight....
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Love that goes beyond lovers with Voylla Jewelry
When you think of Valentine’s Day, you automatically equate the day with romantic couples filling the air with their love-filled vibes, and serenading each other with cute bollywood songs, heart shaped chocolates, gifts, and more! But if we really think about it, Valentine’s Day is not JUST for lovers, but is a day when you can express your love to anyone and everyone! Whether it’s your mom, who you dote on, or your dad, who has probably been the first real hero of your life, Valentine’s Day gif...
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Firdaus- A Paradise Regained
Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast…

That time of the year when the silken trail of the Jhelum turns frosty to the touch.

The red, orange and brown Chinar leaves turn brittle and fall, laying the bare the branches that wait for a blanket of snow. The lotus turns a late bloomer, but is a luscious shade of pink.

Welcome winter with Firdaus, our collection of rich, hand painted and bejewelled jewelry from Studio Voylla. Think of vibrant shades...
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