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Looking for the finest video production services in India?
Are you looking for the finest video production services in India? CMPTL is the one place that will never disappoint you. CMPTL has been very successful in providing excellent Video production services in the business.
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Why your company needs a explainer video? Why it works?
It might be your business presentation in an event or an introduction to a potential customer the first impression can be captivating if started with something interesting about your company. When you only have few minutes to get that first impression your PPT’s or excel sheets mostly don’t work. An interesting explainer video would definitely do that....
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How to Create a Great Video for Online Marketing?
Video plays an important role in brand awareness. Most of the marketers fail because they don’t make newsworthy videos that grab users’ attention. They basically create the videos that talk about the services or products they are offering. ...
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Keep it simple: 6 tips for a seamless video wall setup"
6 key tips for a seamless and successful video wall deployment. Learn how to prepare and take the high cost and complication out of video walls....
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How to Make a simple yet efficient video for your website?
Video has emerged as a vital part of websites and online business. Faster internet speeds on mobile phones, homes and offices has allowed developers to use videos more efficiently to deliver a quick message while making high impact. This is possible because HD quality videos can be streamed without any delay in loading or playing on any device anywhere.

Good videos also alleviates a brand image. It helps businesses to connect with their client or target audience far quicker than any oth...
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How To Embed A Video Within A Video?
Have a look at this video - "25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!”

Judging from this video’s almost 30 million views, it appears everyone would agree that it is a very effective fashion training video. Going by the popularity and effectiveness of this video, the Exaltive team decided to enhance it using Exaltive. I would be delighted to say that this video served as a great example of how an effective video can be made even better when it is made interactive. The Exaltive interacti...
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Are you hit by the Ransomware that demands ‘Paypal My Cash Cards’?
Video Gamers are targeted by TelsaCrypt Ransomware, a variant of CryptoLocker Ransomware which prohibits users accessing their photos,personal documents and most importantly game files, making it unique when in comparison with Cryptolocker Ransomware. It is also called as Crytolocker-v3, which will encrypt files present in user system. The private key is owned by the hacker and the victim has to pay a ransom demanded by the cyber-criminal to regain the access.
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How To Embed A Video Within A Video?
Learn how you can embed a video within a video using Exaltive's video annotation feature....
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The Tipping Point for Interactive Video?
As I write this, YouTube videos are being viewed over four billion times every day. Add to that, numerous other sources of videos, and it is not hard to notice the explosion of videos all around. Whether you want to entertain yourself, or learn something quickly, or check out a product, or watch a piece of news, the preferred medium is videos.

There are two fundamental consequences and in turn, two issues that arise out of this explosion of online video:
New video content is ...
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