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The Best Of Everything
Articles about what's the Best in any category you can imagine -- from Best Pizza to Best Number to Best Wahlberg Brother to Best Modest Mouse Song that Correctly Applies a Scientific Principle. Robots, sexy sci-fi alien chicks, celebrities, food -- funny and entertaining and always different!...
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A Very Grave Blog
News and updates for A Very Grave Matter, related New England history, genealogy and cemetery news....
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Home made healthy, tasty, easy to cook, quick recipes - partner blog with direct link
Home made healthy, tasty, easy to cook, quick recipes for breakfasts, meals and desserts. This blog lists various recipes which I tried in my kitchen and documented them in a way that we can achieve great tastes every time we cook by following the listed ingredients and method.

I write in a style, especially keeping in mind that even novice cooks can follow my recipes and prepare great dishes.

See how everybody appreciates your cooking as you prepare these recipes. Enjoy!...
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why I wake up every day - partner blog with direct link
I am the very strange combination between a magic fairy and a selfish bitch.
My ceaseless concern is to eventually discover what chance do I have to become an ordinary woman....
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Addiction and Recovery
Articles regarding addiction and recovery for all types of addictions. Our expert reviews are hand picked for their content and are written by experts in the field. Free newsletter "Spotlight on Managed Care" available....
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poetry, dreams and the body
A blog by Rick Belden, author of Iron Man Family Outing. Topics include men's issues, masculine psychology, poetry, dreams, creativity, recovery from childhood abuse, and the search for psychospiritual wholeness....
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another day in Sweden
Another day in Sweden is a blog about everyday happenings in and around Sweden....
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What does every geek/geekette need to hit the trail? Read all about it here: Everything you ever wanted to know about gadgets and toys! ...
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Everyday Radi
Everyday Radi is a blog by the MD of DPM Creative Group and Monday Records. ...
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Everyday Funny Videos
Our video collection contains only the funniest videos about the world around us and is updated daily. Funny animals, crazy people behavior, tremendous stunts can be found here....
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