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michele's blog
A story of a businesswoman's transition and the role of faith....
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CIOs Guide to Smooth Cloud Transition Netmagic
CIOs and business leaders contemplating this strategic move need to primarily analyze if migration to the cloud is necessary and competitive edge. Read more from Netmagic....
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Factors to chew over for Transition of Web Experience to Native App
As per Google and Apple, there are some 1.4 billion active Android and 1 billion active iOS users worldwide respectively. With such pace, it stands to reason that mobile apps are outpacing websites and web apps. ...
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The Autism Handbook
Welcome to the Autism Transition Handbook, a Resource for Families

Making the transition from school to adult life is challenging. For individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families, this transition is particularly difficult because federally mandated educational supports stop when a child turns 21. Adults and families are largely left on their own to find secondary education, housing, recreation, health care, and employment opportunities.

The goal of this wiki i...
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Transitional Care Vs. Respite Care After A Hospital Discharge
transitional-vs-respite-careAfter your aging loved one has gone through surgery or returns from a hospital stay due to illness, they may require more care and attention than you are used to providing. However, a long-term care plan may not be necessary if their condition is expected to improve soon....
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Why Providers Of Test Automation Services Are Transitioning Away From Waterfall
The waterfall model has been a testing company's model of choice for many years. With the rise in popularity of Agile and continuous integration, this has changed. Because of its encouragement in using automated testing, guaranteed testing and increased collaboration, more and more providers of test automation services are transitioning away from the waterfall model. To learn more about QASource and its automated testing, visit
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Tiny Transitions Blog
The blog of Tiny Transitions gives information on how a pediatric sleep specialist helps newborns, infants and toddlers to improve their sleep. It also explains how certified sleep consultants help expectant parents and families to create healthy sleeping habits....
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Have you made the transition from CAD to BIM ?
Architectural design technology is rapidly advancing and if you decide not to go with the updated software you are going to experience a massive disadvantage.The small architects firm and entrepreneurs are still swinging between CAD... Read More...
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