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Unique Thoughts
Unique Thoughts is a blog anime, movies, art, photography, food, technology, health, fitness, makeup, music apps, games and generally about the author. Honest reviews about certain products are featured too....
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positive habits of thoughts
These self-reflexive thoughts we communicate to ourselves, control both the way we feel and act, and ultimately turn from mere thoughts into reality. It is only by becoming fully aware of our thoughts that we can catch the ones that are negative and stop them in their tracks....
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Oursky Blog - Thoughts on Startups, App Development, and Software Consulting Business
We are a team of 40 app developers and designers, we work with startups or corporate to build great products on iOS, Android and Web. We love to share our thoughts on startups, app development, and software consulting business with all entrepreneurs.
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cloudmaker's blog
Blog full of life-based stories, fantasies, poetry, inspiration and music without boundaries....
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Xpress Thoughts
An online magazine filled with the latest buzz...
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Thoughts for Kitchen Floor Tiles!
There is wide range of selections available when it comes to the kitchen floor tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles, double charge tiles, soluble salt tiles, wooden tiles are just some few well known names. The combination of the ceramics and porcelain can reach up to several other options in tiles. Kitchen floor tiles have a multitude of sizes, from small pieces to large square size.

Laying the tiles includes the easy pattern of lining up with one tile above and below. The other ea...
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Youth Thoughts
Its about youth... Their views, thoughts, articles, poems, short stories....
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Escape Writers - Expressing Our Thoughts
The mediocre writers expressing their thoughts on various life experiences. Our articles pervade every aspect of normal human life....
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My Own Deep Thoughts of Philosophy, Spirituality and Wisdom
My philosophising about wisdom, society, people psychology and life...
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Thoughts by Arnab
My blog is about the poems written by me....
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