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Sarah Newton Parenting Teens Expert
Blog of Sarah Newton, leading expert in the world of parenting, education and empowering young people and teenagers. Crammed full of advice, this is the blog for you if you want to connect, engage and motivate the teenagers in your lives....
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6 signs you teenager is ready to learn driving from a driving school
More than being a skill, driving is a necessity these days which people need in order to be self-reliant and independent.
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Top reasons why learning driving is necessary for all age groups, especially for teenagers
We live in a world where we have to acquire maximum skills and gain maximum knowledge in order to keep ourselves ahead of competition and fulfill our basic needs in life. In such a scenario, one skill which everyone must inculcate is driving.
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Top skincare procedures that can make your teenage skin glow
Cleansing is an essential aspect for getting a glowing skin. It can get rid of unnecessary aspects like dirt and oil. For teens, regular cleansing is essential for desired results. It can also help you in preventing acne, and other issues....
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Download Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Movie 2016
The interesting mix of nature and cultural heritage, supported by the extraordinary and crystal clear images, making of 'Wild Japan "a beautiful documentary series showing a wild and authentic side of the East Asian island state which we usually rarely see....
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The Under18
The Under18 is an amalgamation of contemporary writing for the teenagers. We curate & create content that encompasses the best of love, life, work, opinions, social news, health & beauty, fashion, and fun....
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My Pastel World
Welcome to My Pastel World, the blog of a teenage girl who shares everything ranging from DIY-s to tips, fashion, favorites and more! :)...
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Guide to your first ever Teenager Bra Online
If you are about to enter your bitter-sweet Teenage years or you are already a teenager or if you are a mom to a teenager, you are probably thinking about Teenager Bras. ...
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