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THe SMF Team Blog
A blog about life, business, and situations. We recommend websites to visit and check out based on trending topics....
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How to teach english to spanish people
The phonetics of the Spanish language make for a difficult transition when learning English, which is anything but phonetic.
English grammar has been taught in Spanish schools for over 15 years, however, as a subject rather than a language. The practical application is somewhat lacking.
Consider this when teaching English. What may seem obviously and simple to native English speakers could present a world of problems for a student of English as a second language.
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Frumusetea Gandurilor
Gandurile dau viata la tot ce ne inconjoara. Intra in lumea povestilor cu ganduri frumoase, inspira-te, simte, iubeste....
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Giang Day Truc Tuyen-Teaching Online
This weblog provides video clips, conversation matters, listening skills about teaching English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese; software, e-books, education application, bilingual short stories, art of the life...for ESL learners and who want to learn Vietnamese through English....
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The Atlantean Conspiracy - partner blog with direct link
The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012, Government, New World Order, Spirituality, Occult, Secret Societies, Politics...
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Property and Real Estate in South Africa
SA Property is a real estate and property blog dedicated to teaching and providing good sound financial advice to the underpriveledged in South Africa....
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Steam Crow Press: the Art of Daniel M. Davis
The vector illustration of Daniel M. Davis...
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YBS for Teachers
Do you use games in the classroom? The blog for teachers that make learning FUN! Information, game suggestions, articles and discounts just for teachers!...
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Dean's St Photography Studios
Our goal while photographing an event is to capture pure moments, that can't be posed, that unfold naturally and spontaneously. We want you to be able to enjoy your day, and be yourself. We use a creative blend of photojournalism and fine art photography to give you a fun collection of all the big moments as well as the little details....
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Blogul care contează
Un blog despre toți și toate. Entertainment cum nu ai mai văzut!...
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