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History of Arya Vysya's
South India is the Treasure House of many good temples. Among them Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari temple, which is situated in Penugonda, a village town is in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. At present, the said temple is fascinating with a multi-colored (Gali Gopuram) seven storied tower with a beautiful architecture. This Penugonda Kshetram is a holy place of Vysyas and considered as the ‘Kasi of Vysyas'.

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IVF Success Story- Blessed with twins after 24 years of marriage
Here in this blog today I will talk about In-Vitro fertilization and its many benefits.

They say marriages are made in heaven and children after that complete that heaven. It’s a sense of satisfaction that every couple in the world hopes for, which is to have a child that will fill their lives with happiness and give meaning to it but also complete them as individuals. But some people are not lucky as others,they are deprived of the most beautiful creation of God. In those scenarios its...
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Discover history
Discover the proud, glorious, rich history of our Bygone days....
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Business Story with Corporate Presentation Designs
Deliver your business story with the help of corporate presentation designs. Tell your story to your prospective investors and clients!
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live sex chat
If you are looking for a little fun tonight, why not visit They offer you the ability to chat with real models, no matter what you like....
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PDF Markup User Story- Val Sigler – Working without Boundaries
Mobility has evolved as a key feature of the modern working lifestyle, and the use of mobile devices for work brings a whole new level of flexibility and convenience. This edition of User Story features a long time user of Kdan’s PDF series, Val Sigler, who has shared with us how PDF Markup has improved his professional life.

Val Sigler, an IT manager of a credit union has been using our PDF app series for many years. “I have been using your PDF app for a few years back in the Connoisse...
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A Meta History of SEO
We look back over the years of Internet Marketing and SEO...
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Blacks - News, History, Books, Businesses, African Cultures World Wide, Photos, Designs And Videos
The African History Network Show was designed to help people of African descent especially African-Americans gain knowledge of their history and culture that has been stripped from us over hundreds of years. We focus on Educating, Empowering and Inspiring people of African descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world because right knowledge corrects wrong behavior....
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History of computer
A history of computing would include a multitude of diverse devices such as the ancient Chinese abacus, the Jacquard loom (1805) and Charles Babbage’s “analytical engine” (1834). It would also include discussion of mechanical, analog and digital computing architectures. As late as the 1960s, mechanical devices, such as the Marchant calculator, still found widespread application in science and engineering. During the early days of electronic computing devices, there was much discussion about the ...
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A Brief History Of Cardboard Boxes
House Number Four: This is the most unpredictable of all the house numbers with one crisis after another. Expect your life to move in a completely different direction from what you had in mind if moving in here! Aquarians will enter your life (you may be one yourself!) and linked to the planet Uranus in Astrology and the 11th sector of the chart. Contact several companies to get quotes for hiring a vehicle. A reputable hire company should be able to tell you over the phone what size of vehicle i...
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