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World History - First World War, WW2
Enjoy controversial World War 1, WW2 articles and history book reviews, plus coverage on the War in Vietnam and other aspects of American History as well as - Ancient and Modern European History writing. ...
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This blog contains the personal stories, success stories, and personal material about how to be better in the future.
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Shootin fae the Shin
Ah'm jist a biddy that bides up a stair in Leith. Ah love tae tell tales o' ma favourite twin-touns o' Embra an' Leith, an' ma ain wee pairt in their history. Come in an' sit doon, ah'll pit the kettle oan......
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Knife Knowledge, Tutorials and Knife History - partner blog with direct link
Knife Knowledge - Knife Care and Maintenance Tutorials and History Articles for Knife Enthusiasts. Complete with illustrations, charts and pictures....
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‘Art of Storyboarding’ Webinar – Highlights
Team Raptivity recently hosted a successful webinar on ‘The Art of Storyboarding’ by Desiree Pinder - Executive Director/Founder of Artisan E-Learning. Desiree answered some fundamental questions on storyboarding, through this webinar, such as: what is a storyboard, why create one, and how to build and show content in a storyboard.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

· Storyboard is crucial when working with others to create an eLearning course e.g. Subject Ma...
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Halloween Celebration And It’s History
Halloween had just been celebrated by millions of people in different countries. I’m sure kids enjoy doing trick-or-treat activity. Somehow, it’s a good feeling to taste the juiciness or the sweetness of candies. It feels like being a kid again. For adults, they are busy dressing up costumes to be able to attend Halloween parties. If you are a parent, you are totally responsible in decorating and making a jack-o’-lanterns to make your house look creepy. If you consider yourself as a mischievous ...
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General Awareness for all competitive exams and Banks
General Awareness for all competitive exams and Banks, General Awareness for All India competitive examination and entrance test and it would be easy to understand...
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London’s Museums and Galleries Bring History to Life
London is home to some of the world's best museums where you can discover and find a wealth of fantastic art and fascinating artefacts in London's top museums.Here is a list of the top London museums and galleries not to miss on your next visit....
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Dealing with the Top 10 Challenges in Storyboarding — Infographic
These top 10 challenges are based on a survey conducted by Raptivity team, where over 200 instructional designers and course creators participated globally....
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Discover history
Discover the proud, glorious, rich history of our Bygone days....
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