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Web2.0 News India
Web 2.0 and Technology Startups News Web Blog Profiling next generation Web sites, Web2.0 Applications and Services in India and across the Globe....
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Onestop guide for Indian Startups
Discover the Indian software startup landscape and know whatís the next big thing coming out of India. We aim to be the first to report on startups by entrepreneurs in India & Indians worldwide; innovations & also the next big thing from India....
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AceStartups - Web Startups profiles the latest Web 2.0 start ups, social networking communities and emerging mobile internet services....
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MVP: Improving the Odds of Your Productís Success
Download your free eBook From Backyard Idea to Successful MVP Development, a must read for product development companies, and know the key considerations in building an MVP followed by the best practices in creating the MVP, using real life case study examples....
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Infographic: How Cloud Can Transform Your Startup
Inforgraphic to know how startups can save time and money by shifting to cloud based solutions....
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Common Mistakes Startups Make When Building for Mobile
If you have a breakthrough idea for your business, youíve probably considered bringing it to life by developing a mobile app. Itís not a bad idea. Mobile apps are extremely popular at the moment, and theyíre paving the way for all kinds of new and exciting business ideas.

Here are five helpful tips that will help any business navigate the treacherous waters of app development, while avoiding some of the most common mistakes....
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A guide to London for Startups | Hubble
All the secrets to working in London, helping small businesses find a perfect home in this fantastic city with area guides, tips on commuting and even free resources for startups. ...
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Script is Important for your Explainer Video
Talk about delivering an impact to your target audience using the means of an explainer video? Well, in order to tell a convincing story about your business, you need a script that is nothing short of spectacular!
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Business Glory
A space where startups and entrepreneurs can find helpful tips & motivation stories....
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Branding tips for Startups and Small Businesses
Tips and advice on branding for startups, small business, and creative entrepreneurs....
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