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Other Side of Through
Other Side of Through is one woman's journey from 31 years of marriage, a year and a half long divorce process to becoming the woman she's all ways wanted to be. Other Side of Through will chronicles her challenges as well as her triumphs as she journeys to the other side of through....
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Startup Addict Musings
A Haven for entrepreneurial superheros thwarting the forces of convention through startup success....
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scarlet work
Personal blog of a budding entrepreneur. Discussing several aspects of life from self improvement, entrepreneurship, winning in emerging economies, technology and internet, personality, motivation, and performance....
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AceStartups - Web Startups profiles the latest Web 2.0 start ups, social networking communities and emerging mobile internet services....
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Write Away
This blog is aimed at anyone already working for themselves or anyone with aspirations to become their own boss.
It features articles and links to small business resources on the internet and will try to identify the less well known information available to those wanting to go it alone.
I will also share my journey into self employment as a freelance writer....
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Improve Leads – Getting the ‘critical’ Head Start
EckoMantra Business Solutions is specialized in Design, Development, Digital Marketing, advertising, animation, whiteboard videos, QuickDraw for better user experience....
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Getting Started with Java
A place to learn Java and its high end technologies
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Reasons To Consider Equity Crowd Funding For Startup
Equity crowd funding is a great way to start a new business. Since you will be appealing to a huge number of people instead of just a handful of high society people, there is always a chance to know how popular your products are going to be, and how many people are going to like it. Since you will be getting the feedback, you will already know whether your business will be a success or not. By opting for equity crowd funding you are not just raising money for your business but you are also doing...
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Getting Started with Java
A place to learn Java and its high end technologies
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Get Started With Custom Horizontal Datepicker in Android
Nex Mobile Apps, Android Application Development team is sharing this post to help you get started with horizontal date picker (Slider)....
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