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This blog is devoted to the absurd. It is always family friendly, but guaranteed to be bizarre. I enjoy examining the impossible, wordplay, and the uncategorizable. ...
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How Large Class Sizes Put the Squeeze on Teachers
If you’re a student or the parent of a student, you probably already know that classrooms are often packed with eager learners, stretching the teachers too thin to provide the kind of individual attention that they would like to give to each student. Students can have a hard time getting extra homework help or other assistance from teachers, since there are often twenty or more other students who need the same assistance. Today, we’ll talk about some ways to overcome the difficulties that arise ...
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How to squeeze more life out of your AX 2009 solution
There's a lot of buzz these days about the upcoming R3 Upgrade for AX. And deservedly so. For those ready to upgrade, they'll see enhanced mobile capabilities, as well as improvements in e-procurement, budget planning, warehouse management, retail, and much more with the release of R3. But what about the organizations that are still using Version 2009 and are not yet ready, willing or able to upgrade to the latest and greatest?...
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