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Like many, I am a seeker, looking to more fully express the glory and grace of this existence. For as long as I can remember I have been searching for my own truth and a more meaningful, or practical relationship with the Supreme Being. Along the way I have met many great teachers and picked up some very practical tools to help me communicate with and express the God within. I am still on that quest and hope to share my daily journey with you in this blog. I welcome your thoughts ...Namaste...
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Nimic Nou Sub Soare
Filozofia este mai mult decât o disciplină banală care se predă în scoală, este mai mult decât apanajul unor persoane care se auto-denumesc filozofi, este mai mult decât o colectie de cărti pe teme existentiale, pe care nu si le permite oricine, pentru că filozofia este o stare de fapt a fiintei umane mereu întrebătoare. ...
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Practical Ecopsychology
Ecology and spiritual development — places of power, psychical self-regulation, and much more: books, lectures, photo and video materials....
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Transformation and Empowerment
Did you know that your dominant thoughts and emotions actually create the circumstances of your life?

Discover inspiring and motivating techniques and strategies that can help you create a life of greater happiness, success and fulfillment.

Use powerful tools and techniques for rapid change....
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World of Spirituality
If you want to acquire precious knowledge, attain people's respect, achieve something great, and then first learn to give what best you can for the society, for altruistic service. Donate your talents, intellect, time, labor, wealth, whatever potentials or resources you have for the betterment of the world …; You will bet manifold of that in return ….. Gautam Buddha had renounced the royal throne; Gandhi had left the brilliant career, wealth, comforts….. As the world has witnessed, what they wer...
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A Web Network for Spiritual and Religious enlightenment
TotalBhakti is all Hindu Gods, Saints and Gurus and Their Dvotions to the Almighty God. For all Hindu Bhajans, Aarti, Mantra, Wallpapers, Blogs & Articles....
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Make yourself mentally stronger and flourished with spiritual warrior
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When it comes to understanding or relating to ourselves, all we can think about is what we want. In the idea and urge of ‘want,' we all have turned quite materialistic. Yes, it a blunt truth and the sooner we accept it the better it is. But all these worldliness is...
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Attain Your Highest Potential
You were brought in this lifetime for a specific reason. You are here to make all your dreams come true and live your life exactly the way you want to live it. You are here to fulfill your soul's deepest desires. You are here to be the kind of person you dream to be and attain your highest aspirations. This is your sacred purpose. A purpose you must attain AT ALL COSTS. You will be damned forever if you fail to do so, and glorified in unimaginable ways if you succeed in doing so....
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Happiness Gauranteed , With the help of Spiritual Knowledge and power of soul
In this Blog I have Tried to Explain is Today People are looking for Happiness in Objects,Proffession,Buildings,Bank Balance...
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Dr fahads "the science of emotions" is a marvellous book that explains the the most startling and amazing phenomena behind the mindbody connection.
he has written numerous articles on the mindbody subjects. this blog is a collection of his articles that are scattered through out the media's worldwide....
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