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Multiunit Franchising: Tricks of the Trade
Multi-unit ownership is certainly the established norm in the franchising market. Franchisors are more interested in multi-unit franchisee owners rather than single unit....
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Why Multi-Unit Franchisee’s cannot afford not to have a Customer Relationship Management Software
There is a saying when it comes to CRM. It take $ 5 to acquire new customer; and if you do not take care of them you may lose them for a $1. Think about that. The rules of engagement with customers are being disrupted at a pace never seen before. Consumers empowered with smart devices is the battle ground to retain and grow market share....
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Proper cybersecurity measures can indeed reduce severe losses to the bottom line
In May 2016, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association’s (NJBIA’s) organized Cybersecurity Summit. It was well attended and included: Mike Mullin, President of Business Technology Solutions firm Integrated Business Systems (IBS), Fernando Reiser Manager of Information Security, NJM Insurance; Rashaad Bajwa, President, Domain Computer Services; Krista Mazzeo, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell; and Dave Weinstein, Director of Policy Planni...
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Software Mobile and Computer Software Technology updates Flash files Firmware Laptop drivers Computer software, video edating browsers and antivirus...
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Avoid the nightmare trying to manage Subscription Billings without good ERP software
Subscription Billing is growing by leaps and bound. More and more companies use creative pricing strategies to gain competitive advantage over their competition....
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Optimize Acumatica with NETSTOCK A Fully Packaged Software Program That Tracks Your Inventory
As an Acumatica customer, you know the benefits of using this top tier cloud-based-platform. It seamlessly integrates your software programs into a fully accessible system....
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Credit Card Processing integrated with ERP Software reduces payment losses
What challenges are related to Credit Card Processing (CCP)? Here are the top 5 fault lines. Companies like American Payment Solutions have a comprehensive solution stack developed after being in business for 11 years....
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What Considerations do Operations Lead have before buying ERP software?
A good ERP software plays a key role in assisting the Operations Manager in achieving operational efficiency, which spells success for the company. The first step is ensuring that the right ERP software is selected....
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Optimize Acumatica with FusionPOS™ a Full-Feature Point-of-Sale Solution?
FusinoPOS is the ideal solution for mid-sized retail businesses and can handle retail, financial, field sales and E-Commerce....
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ERP Software. What difference can a Controller make?
In a typical organization (ERP Software), Controller reports directly to the CEO/President/Owner. And in most companies the IT department reports directly to the Controller....
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