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Staff Spotlight: Carol Shinya, Director of Global Accounts
We’re delighted to introduce you to a member of our team – please give a warm welcome to Carol Shinya, Director of Global Accounts. Although Carol has been with NSA for nearly a year, she is an industry veteran with 27 years in distribution, 7 years working for wholesale distributors, and 20 years in software consulting and support....
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Breaking Changes in Selenium – how we handled them!
If you are in the business of creating Quality Software, every day can throw up a surprise or two. How one overcomes these day-to-day challenges often defines the course of your success. Here’s one such challenge we recently faced, we thought of sharing with you. We would love to hear your feedback.

Like any good software developer, we tend to treat breaking backward compatibility as a crime and work hard to protect our end-users from facing any consequences resulting from unexpected c...
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Save Money and Time with Acumatica Warehouse Inventory Planning Solution
Acumatica Inventory Management Solution can help Distributors save money in several ways. One way is by providing a highly productive inventory planning solution integrated within the core warehouse distribution management software....
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SP Web Solution Florida
SP Web Solution is one of the Best smartphone application Development Company in Florida. Advanced & innovative mobile solutions for business. Our services include: Iphone app development, Android application development, Web Designing and development and digital marketing....
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Benefits of Using the Right Sports Management Software
A right sports management software allows to manage club staff and players efficiently. Also empowers club members with role based access to right resources at the right time.

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Lead your Company to Cloud ERP Success with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
A full-suite cloud ERP solution is all you need to guarantee growth for your company. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is just the right solution for medium-sized manufacturing companies, catering to a range of industries including Automotive, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Metals, Transportation Equipment and many more....
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Save Money and Time with Avalara Ava Tax Seamlessly Integrated with Acumatica
Acumatica powered AvaTax by Avalara is just the right solution that gives your company prompt sales tax decisions based on accurate geographic location.Business sales tax estimation is one of the most tedious, cumbersome and obligatory task that your company has to perform on a regular basis. It costs valuable time and requires you to hire additional personnel, incurring huge expenses. This entire process still leaves room for errors in calculations which lengthens the process even further....
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Get Competitive Software QA Services By QASource
If you are in need of software QA services, consider partnering with the experts in the field – QASource. QASource is a renowned software testing and quality assurance company with a rich experience in delivering cost-effective solutions. To learn more about the services, visit today....
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Software Testing Certification Course Guarantee You a Better Career with Multinational Companies
Software testing is a process of examining and conveys partners with a complete report of the product /service/application in respect of the usability, quality, and implementation of testing....
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Give your Business ERP Advantage with Acumatica Small Business Edition.
Acumatica’s Commerce Edition will manage your firm’s ecommerce orders, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and accounting from one dashboard....
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