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A Digital Marketing Review Blog
This blog covers important topics that help a businesses gain insights into Social Media Marketing and how to track and improve your ROI, link building tips and how to go about it safely. Other topics to be featured include: the latest tips on SEO, why video marketing should be an important part of the marketing mix and a whole lot more to come....
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Hablando en corro
Hablando en corto está dedicado a buscar y analizar tendencias en comunicación, marketing y socialmedia....
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Adverteren op social media
Promotie van uw digitale publicaties nodig? Bereik nu ook 50000 bedrijven in de doelgroep mkb & zzp. Een No brainer voor starters! Nu ook per mnd. Kijk hier voor meer inf
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global marketing online
نهتم بالتسويق الالكتروني خاصة, في مجال القنوات الاجتماعية مثل, يوتيوب, الفيسبوك , توي...
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Social Media has shifted the dynamic of branding to that of a “shared conversation” that is fluid and continuous. To be effective across Social Media you need to be able to tell a good story. I remember a time many years ago I was asked to present to my peers and I was far from engaging, in fact I would say rather boring. My pitch was well structured and thought through but my delivery was clinical and just plain ordinary. I was trying so hard to get it right but got it so wrong. I saw someone e...
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Social media guides and tutorials...
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Best practices adopted by Big Brands to display Social Media icons on their website
Social media branding has become an inseparable part of ecommerce store branding today due to the influence or effect social media has on internet users today. ‘Like’ what you like, ‘Share’ what you want to tell others, post on what inspired you, post on what annoyed you and a lot more privileges, every form of social media gives the people all over the world is inexplicable! How can businesses make the best use of this online branding for their ecommerce stores to give a competitive edge? How c...
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GIFs on Facebook ; The mischief begins.
GIFs have been allowed on Facebook, can be posted in the status updates and
comments with a few tips and tricks and can be taken from a third external website.
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Social Media Mistakes that can ruin your brand and business
Here is a lesson you can learn from biggest social media mistakes. Do not fall in the trap , avoid these mistakes and boost your business to the new level....
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How To Create A Viral Hashtag Campaign On Twitter
Twitter has a lion’s share of the most active social media users out of which 59% of the users are aged from 18-49 and this is the age group which most businesses are targeting generally.
So, grabbing audience attention on Twitter is critical and cannot be overlooked. This is why getting the hashtag of your campaign to trend is really important. And if done right, it ain’t too hard.
So here's a complete guide for understanding how hashtag campaigns work on Twitter so you can launch and m...
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