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Dr. Isidor Apothecary
We blog about Natural skincare and Natural Perfumes. We are highly knowledgeable with many years of experience....
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Skin Care
The first step in your skincare regime is washing or cleansing your face. Now the actual act of washing your face is simple, but choosing a facewash/cleanser from the vast array of options available is complicated. Letís simplify that today. The fragrance factor is a big determinant in our choice, but it is very important to first understand our skin type and then choose the right product. The different types of cleansers available are: cream, gel, foam and oil....
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Common Skincare Mistakes To Avoid During Winter
Itís winter and the weather outside is frightful. If dry air, biting cold, extra-hot showers, and maybe a few less-than-healthy habits have you rethinking your skin care routine this winter, youíre already on the right track. This blog will help you avoid some common skincare mistakes to maintain in order to maintain healthy and beautiful skin in winter.
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Recapture the Beauty of Self-Confidence with Face Lift Treatment
After seeing the phenomenal results from a friendís procedure and doing my own research, I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Dev. I had prepared an extensive list of questions and concerns and the Dr. Could not has been more patient, kind, and very informative. I took a few days to make my decision and I kept going back in my mind to that consultation and the warm, friendly and respectful manner in which I was treated and my decision was made.

I wanted to feel refreshed and not ha...
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Saysi - La fuente Natural de tu belleza
Offer the highest-quality innovative products that promote a new lifestyle, which will allow every person to find his or her own natural beauty, and achieve a personal balance with his or herself and with nature.Be the most prestigious and innovative brand internationally in quality products made with 100% natural Peruvian products, contributing in this way with the development of healthier and better-balanced lives around the world.hidrataciůn, Belleza, Radiante, Orgullo Peruano, Mineral, Cuerp...
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Top 10 Natural Tips
Discover all the secrets and tips to look and stay beautiful naturally. No side-effects, 100% organic and satisfactory result guaranteed. Do not harm your skin or hair with chemicals. Instead, try the natural homemade tips for beautiful glowing skin along with silky and smooth hair....
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Natural Skincare Tips When You are Out On Vacation
"Everyone wants to look fabulous when they are traveling. People pre plan so many things including their clothes, what make up they are going to wear, and even coordinating their sandals to their outfits. What about the skin? While traveling, the thing that gets affected the most is your skin. Change in climate, heat, and other external factors damages the skin, making it dull and dry. Pre-planning your skincare regime is equally important before you head-off to a new place. We can expect many c...
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How to Make a your own Natural Sunscreen at Home
Finding out what is best for you and how you can make a home remedy for sun protection. If you are looking for something that you can make at home that will absolutely work for you, then you will want to read this blog....
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Ms Meehnia
Anumeha Meehnia is a Delhi based girl. Crazy about makeup, food, clothes, travel (specially beaches). She loves to try out new stuff and share her first hand experiences in life. Share her opinion, thoughts, stories, knowledge. She is pretty active on social media and loves to connect with people who share her interest....
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Summer is just around the corner, which means its time for the seasonal beauty switch-up. We've rounded up four essential summer beauty swaps...
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