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Here I cover alot of Trackdays at my local track
castlecombe, theres alot of japanese performance car venues and drifting here so expect to see alot of that, I also talk about racing Simulations like RFactor and Live For Speed and some of my Favourite gadgets and things....
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Industry-best Magmasoft Simulation training from Multisoft Systems
The trainers at Multisoft Systems are highly expert and impart quality Magmasoft simulation training, helping professionals to enhance their casting design skills and develop conceptual and technical expertise....
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Top Best 5 Advantages of Getting into Driving Simulation
Also, since such behind the wheel classes VA or elsewhere pack you with enough information and knowledge, you will be confident by the time you start doing on-road practice....
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Simulation is the accelerator for Designing Process..!!
Stimulation are the future of digital testing. There are many powerful stimulation testing tools like Finite Element Analysis or Computer Fluid Dynamics. These software are also useful for taking virtual tests of the product at the initial stage of designing. Thus the products can be considered to close to perfection even at the end of designing phase....
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Performance Study of External Gear Pump using CFD Analysis
The focus will be on the study of pump performance by varying governing parameters like pressure head, mass flow rate, clearances, speed and temperature of fluid. Further pump volumetric efficiency predicted by CFD is compared with theoretical calculation....
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How Simulation Helps In Optimizing Casting Process?
Since decades, steel casting exporters are leveraging scientific simulation techniques to optimize casting process....
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