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Sewing And Its Advantages
I remember what Randy Pausch said. He used to say, “the metaphor I’ve used is… somebody’s going to push my family off a cliff pretty soon, and I won’t be there to catch them. And that breaks my heart. But I have some time to sew some nets to cushion the fall. So, I can curl up in a ball and cry, or I can get to work on the nets”. This quote hit me a lot and reminds me that there are things we can’t control. But, we should be prepared for it and try to cope things ahead....
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Armstrong Sewing – A hub of Industrial Machines and Spare Parts
From industrial sewing machines to bag closing machines, the HDPE/PP Woven Sack Industry is a hub of efficient engineering and experienced manpower. The industry has seen several advancements in areas of product development, distribution network, and customer engagement....
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Sewing Machine for Beginners
We are trying to add a full guideline about the best sewing machine for beginners....
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Best Sewing Machine For Making Clothes
When I started researching for the best sewing machine reviews, I thought that I would only find 1 or 2 different features on each unit that would really stand out. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth as each brand has its own unique history and ways of bringing modern technology to the traditional art of sewing. Sewing machines are a great way to save money on new clothing and also learn a new and marketable skill....
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