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What Do You Mean By SEO – Friendly URL?
A Poor URL structure is a numerous SEO issue, one that can reduce rankings, keep pages out of the search engine indexes, also effect Google traffic and ranking authority from other pages or even the entire websites.In this blog, we are going to discuss on how a perfect SEO-friendly and user-friendly URL should be structured....
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WebDesign | SEO Services Full Tutorial | PHP Full Tutorial | Javascript Full Tutorial|HTML,CSS,CMS
Website Design Tutorial,HTML5 Tutorial and Word Press Tutorial,PHP Tutorial,CSS3 Tutorial,JavaScript Tutorial,Jquery Tutorial,Online Technical News...
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Focus your ecommerce website with Recent 5 SEO trends
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is important for ecommerce website, every ecommerce website needs brand awarness and traffics, Ecommerce business sales are driven by SEO for the most part, SEO for ecommerce is different in various aspects like sales, marketing, on page optimization aspects etc; With ever evolving SEO and new technologies and best practices it is important to keep updated and ahead of the competition. It is thus essential to set up your ecommerce site in a proper form and have cl...
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Grow Your Business Through SEO and SEM
This blog about SEO, Digital Marketing, SMO, Business News, Technology News etc. porta help you grow your business....
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What’s a Good Click-through Rate (CTR) For Your Industry?
What is Click through Rate (CTR) and Why Is It Important?

A Click through Rate is the calculation of the frequency of the number of clicks on an advertisement (ad) divided by the times an ad is shown. Click through Rate is an overall view of how well an ad attracts visitors; it is the sign of whether a marketing campaign is a success. Calculating the number of people who click an ad after seeing it will determine the strengths, weaknesses, and quality of the ad. To understand...
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What are the benefits of SMO and SEO Services for your brand?
SEO and SMO are the most important nowadays for every small business to Big Businesses. So here the SEO is used to bringing more people to your website and Generate the traffic and Same as SMO for getting traffic through Social Media.
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Why Are Back Links Important For Search Engine Optimisation?
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What is LSI in SEO?
LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is an indexing and retrieval technique that uses a mathematical formula to identify patterns in any given paragraph of text. It helps Google better understand what the content is about and how relevant it is to the search query. LSI is one of the important ranking factor that Google takes into consideration....
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Why Data-Driven Marketing is the Need of the Hour?
With the help of data analytics, businesses are getting wonderful insights into customer behavior, something that is very important in order to remain in competition.
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How Search Engine Indexing Works?
Many of us might be aware about the terms indexing, googlebot & crawling. Indexing in SEO refers to search engines keeping a record of your web pages. Usually when a search engine bot comes onto your site, it perform crawling and, based on “index” and “noindex” Meta tags, it adds pages with index tags in that search engine. This is how you control what pages from your website should be found in the various search engines.
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