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Why Do Small E-commerce Businesses Need a Brand?
Branding is needed by a business to make customers aware of the products and services. It helps a business to craft a clear and unique brand identity. With branding, it becomes possible to differentiate yourself from competitors in the crowded e-commerce industry....
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What to Expect From An SEO Company in India?
The demand of SEO Company in India is increasing world widely. The reason is timely target answering and affordable services. Contact Codebase now!...
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How Search Engine Indexing Works?
Many of us might be aware about the terms indexing, googlebot & crawling. Indexing in SEO refers to search engines keeping a record of your web pages. Usually when a search engine bot comes onto your site, it perform crawling and, based on “index” and “noindex” Meta tags, it adds pages with index tags in that search engine. This is how you control what pages from your website should be found in the various search engines.
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What Is The Difference Between Tags And Keywords?
Keywords and tags are basically two tools or tactics in the IT field specially SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that can greatly attract traffic and visitors to your site. In most cases, the two are used interchangeably as they have almost similar functionalities. Here are a few things to know that clearly differentiate between Tags and Keywords...
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Top Effective Ways to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post?
Writing a blog post, like all other writing, is a skill. The skill to stay your reader interested, in your blog post.In this post, I would like to share some useful tips to write a blog posts that are both very readable as well as SEO-friendly....
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Why there is a Need of Search Engine Optimization ?
In Search Engine Optimization, we work to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to the website for improving the website ranking. SEO is not just about building search engine-friendly websites but it’s about making your website better for people too....
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Why should Local SEO be done for Small Businesses?
It is easy to understand that why small businesses are resorting to online space, firstly you don’t need much investment, management is way easier and most importantly the range of prospective buyers is huge....
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Why is Content Important in SEO?
Bombarding a website with keywords is possible; however, it does not really push your website to get ranked. Too much usage of keywords leads to irrelevant information found in your content. The purpose of SEO is to create a content that will make visitors stay and read what you have to offer....
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What are the modern link building techniques?

Backlink is a broader term that is widely used in search engine optimization. Links are important to create in order to get better ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages. But, link building is not what it used to be. With so many frequent Google updates, link building now requires top quality content that actually serves some purpose. ...
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How to Get the Professional and Affordable Website Design Melbourne?
In today’s digital world, everyone wants to achieve their pending tasks on the Web. On the other hand, they also look to grab business opportunities and no doubt, companies that have recognized websites earn more return on investment. This is the major reason why businesses nowadays prefer affordable website design Melbourne to give their website a strong boost.
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